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We offer a sunset speedboat tour in small groups of up to 6 passengers, accessible for children from 10 kg.

Sunset by speedboat is available every day of the year, with entry to Sapetinga being dependent on the tide. This departure takes place at 4 pm and we return after sunset, totaling 2 hours of tour.

We meet at the entrance of the Ilhéus Yacht Club and continue with a 15-minute briefing on navigation and safety on board. We'll finalize everything we need to do before boarding (toilet, completing the payment, answering your questions) and we'll board.


Drinking water is available on the boat, but you must:

- take the necessary sun protection

- dress in clothes that can get wet

- leave a complete change of dry clothes in the car or backpack.

Other than that, you can bring whatever you like (cameras, phones, seasickness medicine, etc.).





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Passeios lancha por-do-sol Ilhéus, Bahia
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After boarding, we will sail for up to 2 hours in total, preferring to sail calmly to enjoy the journey or anchor in a pleasant spot to enjoy Nature's show.


The area where we will sail is the habitat of many aquatic species, from fish to birds, including Guiana dolphins!

Who knows, maybe you're lucky enough to see them? With Ecosul Turismo, fauna observations are commented by qualified biologist guides.

Of course, as with any activity with Nature, we cannot guarantee the presence of a specific animal.



The environment




Passeios lancha por-do-sol Ilhéus, Bahia
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