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TOP FISH 21, lancha Ilhéus Passeios, pesca, Baleais, Golfinhos



Our "Pedra Lisa II" is a TOP FISH 21 boat. It is 6.5m long and more than 2m wide. With its 6 seats, its 150hp outboard engine and its autonomy of almost 12 hours; it was designed and built for coastal and offshore navigation. But it is so very comfortable on the river thanks to it draft of only 45 cm. Whether exploring the high seas of Ilhéus or outing with your family, you will always have the best comfort and safety aboard with us.


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Equipe ECOSUL TURISMO, Ilhéus Bahia,, Passeios Baleias, Golfinhos, Aves, Cobra


Biologist PhD
on cetacean behaviour



Captain, Biologist and Wildlife Photographer

A woman born in Bahia who has always been passionate about cetaceans, Alice began her career as a biologist studying Guiana dolphins in Ilhéus, at the Research Group on Aquatic Mammals at the State University of Santa Cruz (GPMAI/UESC).


Her fascination with marine mammals led to a career dedicated to researching and protecting these amazing creatures. With a solid academic background and a PhD in France, where she studied the acoustic communication of dolphins and published 4 scientific articles, Alice returns to Bahia after an enriching international experience.

Aiming to share her passion and knowledge about whales and dolphins, she is also a member of Projeto Baleias na Serra and strives to educate the public and promote the protection of marine ecosystems. Her dedication goes beyond cetaceans, extending to the protection of nature in all ecosystems, with special attention to the Atlantic Forest, which she has known since her childhood spent on cocoa plantations in southern Bahia.


On our team, Alice plays a key role, sharing her expert knowledge and contagious enthusiasm with everyone. His international experience, combined with his Bahian roots, enriches our work and inspires us to promote awareness of marine life and the importance of ocean conservation.

Thomas is a talented member of our team who combines his passion for biology, photography and marine exploration. Doctor in Biology who is dedicated to the understanding and conservation of species, his research work focuses mainly on animal reproduction with specialization in reptiles. He is also the author of five scientific articles and five popular science articles.


In addition, Thomas is a skilled wildlife photographer, capturing stunning images of whales and other animals. His artistic eye combined with his biological knowledge results in breathtaking photographs that awaken a greater appreciation and awareness of the nature around you.


As captain of the vessel, he leads our expeditions, offering a safe and enriching experience. Fluent in French, English and Portuguese, Thomas brings a multicultural perspective. Now, he brings his work and enthusiasm to Brazil, transmitting his passion for nature and fauna.


​Thomas enriches our team with his scientific skills, nautical knowledge and photographic talent.


His presence strengthens our mission to promote wildlife conservation and awaken a love for nature in everyone who crosses our path.

TOP FISH 21, lancha Ilhéus Passeios, pesca, Baleais, Golfinhos
Equipe ECOSUL TURISMO, Ilhéus Bahia _ GPMAI Mestrada


Master student, Biology
Specialist in cetaceans

Anabela is from Pará, biologist from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and in love with cetaceans, which led her to  work with large cetaceans with Ecosul Turismo. Today, as a Master's student in Zoology at the Federal University of Santa Cruz (UESC), she is developing her first work using drone monitoring to assess the behavioral response of humpback whales to tourism in the region of Ilhéus. With her aboard our boat, you will have access to a transmission of scientific knowledge to contribute to the conservation of species. There is no great sense in scientific research when thought solely by itself, without using it as a means to improve the human-environment relationship!



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Master student, Biologist Specialist in cetaceans

Kalyane is from Ilhéus, Bahia! She graduated from Santa Cruz State University (UESC) and her love for cetaceans dates back to undergraduate studies. As an intern at Projeto Baleias na Serra, she participated in field activities for visual monitoring of humpback whales through a fixed point in Serra Grande.


She is currently a Master's student in Zoology at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC), and is carrying out her research that seeks to study the behavior of female-calf pairs of humpback whales using the drone through our vessel.



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