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We offer a fishing trip in small groups of up to 4 fishermen + 2 companions, accessible for children from 25 kg.

Recreational fishing at sea is available every day of the year, with two possible options: a half-day trip or a full-day trip, both departing at 7:30 am, including 4h or 8h of navigation on the high seas, depending on the the chosen option.

We always advise leaving early in the morning, when the sea is generally calmer.

We meet at the entrance of the Ilhéus Yacht Club and continue with a 15-minute briefing on navigation and safety on board. We will also put on the mandatory life jackets and finalize everything we need to do before boarding (toilet, completing the payment, clarifying your doubts).


On the boat we have water, fruit and five complete rods available to introduce you to trolling (2 rods) and jig (3 rods) fishing, but you can also bring your own material.


In addition you must:

- take the necessary sun protection

- dress in clothes that can get wet

- leave a complete change of dry clothes in the car or backpack.

Other than that, you can bring whatever you like (cameras, phones, seasickness medicine, etc.).





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After the necessary briefing for boarding, we will sail along the coast of Ilhéus to troll and/or jig fish. To do this, we have five complete rods available to introduce you to trolling (2 rods) and jig (3 rods) fishing. You also have the possibility to bring your own material.

The trolling technique is a fishing activity where we sail at a speed of 5 to 8 knots, waiting for the fish to hit the bait that we let work behind the boat. In this mode you fish when the fish is already on the line!

The Jig technique is fishing over a precise fishing point, with the boat stationary. In this modality, you animate the movements of an artificial bait at the bottom of the sea, imitating a small fish to attract predators. Thus, the fisherman is active all the time until the fish is on the line!


Of course, as in any activity with Nature, we cannot guarantee the result of the fishing because we are dependent on Nature's will.


Fishing gear

Pesca esportiva em Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil iniciação


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Depending on the chosen duration, fishing can change. So we will fish more or less far from the coast, which can result in different types of fish.

In the part-time option (4h), we will go to the points closest to the coast, where we can find barracudas, sororocas, jacks, ariocos, red snappers or guaricemas. Sometimes, in the hottest summer months, the ocean water drops so low that you can expect to catch some ocean species close to shore, such as bonito.

In the full day modality (8h), we will sail to the richest points in big fish in the depths of 40 to 100m; close to the edge of the continental shelf, where you find the real ocean with its deep blue color. There we can fish wahoo mackerel, tuna, dorado, guaiuba, oxeye, and much more!





Pesca esportiva em Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil iniciação, Barracuda
Pesca esportiva em Ilhéus, Bahia, Brasil iniciação, Jabu
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