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Guyana Dolphin Tour

In Ilhéus we are lucky enough to see dolphins all year round. These dolphins are the Guyana dolphins, which live on the coast and in the rivers of the city. Between the months of May and November, they are even easier to spot moving around, feeding or socializing with each other! With our 100% biologists team, come and look for Guyana dolphins in the middle of an environmental protection park in the islands of Ilhéus.

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We offer a tour in small groups of up to 6 passengers, accessible for children from 10 kg.


Guyana dolphin tours are available every day of the year, with the best period being from May to November, with five possible boarding times: at 6:00 am, 8:30 am, 11:00 am, 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm, for a trip lasting 2 hours in total, including 1h30 of navigation on the coast of Ilhéus.


We advise you to choose one of the morning or late afternoon schedules, which have the advantage of including the sunset at the same time! ​


We meet at the entrance of the Ilhéus Yacht Club and continue with a 15-minute navigation briefing. We will also put on the mandatory life jackets and finalize everything we need before boarding (toilet, payment completion, clarifying your doubts). ​


On the boat we have water available but you must:

- take the necessary sun protection

- dress in clothes that can get wet

- leave a complete change of dry clothes in the car or backpack.

Other than that, you can bring whatever you like (cameras, phones, seasickness medicine, etc.).

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After the 30 min. necessary for pre-boarding briefing, we will go for up to one and an half hour on the coast of Ilhéus looking for Guyana dolphins. The Guyana dolphins stay at a maximum distance of 10 km from the coast, meaning that we have to keep our eyes open from the beginning of navigation.


The observations are commented by qualified biologist guides and we approach the animals  following the laws and the good practice guide for whale and dolphin watching in Brazil (available on board).

We can approach up to 100m from the group. At that moment, it is up to the dolphins to choose if they want to get closer to us. We stay a maximum of 30 minutes with the group (15 minutes in case of the presence of a calf).


Of course as in any activity with Nature, we cannot guarantee the presence of an animal or the observation of a certain behavior.


To maximize our chances of sighting, we work in partnership with many local scientists who study cetaceans and we are always connected to all information available from our communication network from the sea, including fishermen and other sailors.




Living along the coast, less than 10 km away, Guyana dolphins are discreet and shy dolphins. They like to frequent turbid coastal waters with rocky structures, and can also enter rivers to look for the fish they feed on.


Here in Ilhéus, we look mainly in the "Pedra de Ilhéus" marine park and sometimes inside the Pontal bay. An unique landscape in the region with its three islands, two reefs and the Jorge Amado bridge, symbol of the city of Ilhéus.


Take advantage of the 4pm departure to add the pleasure of watching the sunset over the sea to your tour !

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