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Visit of "Pedra de Ilhéus" Marine Park

Between the months of January and February, the ocean waters approach the coast and let us enjoy the pleasure of having transparent waters inside the Marine Park of Pedra de Ilhéus. This marine park, with three islands and two coral reefs, is a true marine oasis here in Ilhéus with a great diversity of fish and corals.

Environmental protection zone since 2006, it is dedicated to the protection of the Atlantic goliath grouper, an endangered giant fish and a great symbol of nature conservation here in Brazil. He is the biggest cousin of the grouper that is present in the banknotes of one hundred reais.




We offer a tour in small groups of up to 6 passengers, accessible for children from 10 kg.


The visit to the Pedra de Ilhéus Marine Park is a trip where we will anchor near the park's islands and enjoy a moment in the middle of Nature.


Visiting the Pedra de Ilhéus Marine Park is available throughout the year, but we recommend the months of January and February to make the most of the snorkeling opportunities. We have two possible boarding times: at 8:00 am and 1:00 pm for a total tour duration of 3 hours, including two hour and a half at the location.


For maximum pleasure, we always advise you to choose a time close to low tide or late afternoon.

We meet at the entrance of the Ilhéus Yacht Club and continue with a 15-minute navigation briefing. We will also put on the mandatory life jackets for the time to arrive at the marine park and finalize everything we need before boarding (bathroom, completing payment, answering your questions). When we will be stopped inside the Pedra de Ilheus Marine Park, engine off; the life jacket will not be mandatory.

We have water available on board the boat, but you must:

- take the necessary sun protection (UV shirt and if possible Reef friendly solar cream)

- dress in clothes that can get wet

- leave a complete change of dry clothes in the car or backpack.


Other than that, you can bring whatever you want (your snorkeling gear, cameras, phones, seasickness medicine, etc.).




Formed by three rocky islands, less than 4 km away, we arrive at Parque Marinho in just 10 minutes of navigation. Pedra de Ilhéus, Ilheuzinho and Itapitanga are the names of the islands that appear in the Park. It was created to protect the Atlantic goliath grouper, but you can be sure that many other species of fish frequent the reefs that hide around the three islands.


There, we will be able to see it up close and learn a little more about the biodiversity of this place simply enjoy the sun, the sea and Nature.




If you are lucky enough to visit after several days without rain, the water will be clear. So, don't forget to take your snorkel and mask with you to discover the small fish and corals that hide underwater. We also offer the option to rent mask and snorkel kits for just R$30, ensuring a unique and affordable experience for diving lovers.

Don't know how to dive? No problem! You can also enjoy the water cooling off in an unusual landscape! We will give you all the support to enjoy safely the ocean.

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